Workplace Protection

Workplace Protection

Workplace Protection

Condecon provides excellent and durable workplace protection solutions e.g. RackGuards and bollards that help increase operational efficiency. Therefore streamlining your facility in high traffic transport and logistics environments.

Racking and Distribution

Our range specifically protects against vehicle collision and can detect racking damage throughout operational hours to minimize downtime. These include:

  • RackGuards
  • RackEnd Barriers+Kerbs
  • RackEyes
  • Pedestrian Segregation Rails
  • Topple Barriers
  • Swing/Slide Gates
  • Sign Boards

Service Yard Environment

Maintain loading bay and ground protection by using purpose-designed solutions to safeguard against repetitive repair costs subsequently. We supply and install:

  • Bollards
  • Dock Gates
  • Truck Stops
  • Wheel Chocks, and more

Product Properties/Benefits:

  • Patented Coupling Technology
  • Compression hinge
  • Centralizing rubber lug
  • High impact resistance polymer
  • AERO Anti-Pierce core
  • Shock absorbing inner layer
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Rotating wear collars
  • Simple installation



Industry Sector Solutions

Polymer Safety Barriers For Automotive Industry 

These are performance engineered to deliver unparalleled, world-leading protection. Basically our pioneering safety solutions ensure your facility remains pristine and your operation uninterrupted.  Our innovative safety systems segregate and protect at every stage of the production process – from wheel fitting to climate condition analysis. Chiefly, we provide the ultimate defense for bespoke robotics, machinery and automation protection. Thus ensuring safe traffic movement and energy-absorbing impact deflection. This unique material is self-colored, non-corrosive, chemical resistant and scratch-resistant. It is therefore ultra-low maintenance and continued aesthetics. High Level, anti-topple barriers provide an ideal solution for automotive logistics and storage.

Safety Barriers For Retail Industry

Protecting everything from vulnerable racking structures to conveyors and processing equipment, our low-maintenance safety systems optimize operations for the busy retail sector. Specifically developed for high traffic areas, our innovative, shock-absorbing solutions minimize downtime, maximize output, and save costs. Injuries are avoided and damage to crucial structures and equipment is prevented as a result of cushioning and deflecting vehicle collisions.

Flexible Polymer Safety Barriers For Packaging Sector

In addition, as protecting people, and safeguarding automated machinery, electric paneling, pallets, and rollers are essential to maintaining efficiency and maximizing operational output in the packaging sector. Tailored to your processes, our high performance, impact-resisting solutions chiefly segregate and shield pedestrians, equipment, doorways, and stock;  control access to essential machinery and physically guide vehicles safely through your facility. Where collisions do occur, our flexible barriers defend and deflect, therefore absorbing energy and reforming to prevent costly damage and downtime.