Line Marking & Flooring

Line Marking & Flooring

Line Marking & Flooring

Road Line Marking

We are a local and national contractor offering a full range of road line marking, traffic sign installation, road stud solutions including removal of existing markings by sandblasting. Hence, we strive to be a highly respected, leading supplier and installer of industry-approved road traffic signs and markings in the region.

  • Thermoplastics
  • Cold Plastics
  • Solvent / Water base application
  • Road Studs
  • Sand Blasting
  • Traffic Signs
  • Road Paint

Road Markings

Road line markings consist of various lines such as:

  • center line-markings
  • lane line markings
  • yellow lines
  • double white lines
  • stop junctions
  • give way junctions
  • zebra crossings
  • school zig-zag lines
  • speed symbols
  • traffic circles
  • directional arrows, etc.

Car Park Markings

We do various car parks of varying sizes from initial setting out and pre-marking to the actual painting. Condecon generally works in consultation with clients in assisting them to get maximum car parking spaces available. Car park markings significantly include but not limited to:

  • parking bay lines
  • parent and child logos
  • disabled logos
  • give way or yield junctions
  • car park bay numbers
  • car park bay letters
  • directional arrows
  • pedestrian logos
  • zebra crossings
  • hatched areas
  • motorcycle and loading bay markings etc.

Sports Playground Markings

In addition, we offer a wide variety of school playground markings/sport courts in assorted colors. These include:

  • Five-a-Side Football Courts
  • Basket Ball Courts
  • Netball Courts
  • Tennis Courts etc.

Line Removal

We are able to remove all existing line markings by means of hydro or sandblasting and also shot blasting for when lines are no longer required.

Surface Preparation

We provide a variety of different road line marking and internal marking preparation methods and paint systems. Thus creating any bespoke requirement for street furniture, pedestrian walkways, pallet lanes, and hatched areas, maximizing durability as well as cost-effectiveness. We believe we are the only company in South Africa to offer a complete line marking solution in-house, from conceptual design & planning through to installation. This certainly enables us to optimize customer operations and meets today’s strict facility safety requirements.
Design aspects are covered in consultation with the customer and then drawn so that working models can be discussed and approved before installation. Assistance with key issues will be discussed during site visits.

Warehouse Demarcation & Flooring

Furthermore, Condecon offers a complete range of  workplace safety solutions specializing in the customized safety demarcation lines. These comprise floor marking, floor signs, safety signs, epoxy flooring, polyurethane flooring, basement line marking installation, and removal of existing markings.

Why Warehouse Demarcations

  • To emphasize and enhance the visual organization in the workplace. Either a warehouse, factory or plant, aircraft hangar, marking locations in a uniform manner and color scheme. Thus allowing employees to quickly identify areas and potential hazards based on color.
  • To emphasize and enhance workflow, create order, keep employees away from dangerous areas, and mitigate hazards wherever possible in addition to the provided safety benefits.

Additionally, we offer a variety of other services. These include:

  • Full consultancy and planning;
  • Weekend & night installation available to minimize disruption to operations;
  • Resistance to a wide range of chemicals dependent on option chosen;
  • A range of preparation methods available for the chosen level of durability;
  • Condecon’s line marking can be cleaned using conventional methods dependent on the option chosen.