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Condecon Group is a multi-disciplinary consultancy, design, and construction company offering services in bulk layer works, drainage and stormwater systems, asphalt surfacing, paving, road line marking, road signs, warehouse demarcation, factory floor marking, workplace protection, building and renovations across Southern Africa.

Civil Works
Bulk earthworks, layer works and platforms, drainage and stormwater systems, site clearance, road construction; asphalt resurfacing, rehabilitation and maintenance, brick paving.

Line Marking & Flooring
Road line marking, traffic signs, road studs, warehouse demarcation, factory floor marking and signage, industrial floor marking, flooring, vehicle restraint, and traffic calming.

Building & Refurbishments
Building and renovations, interior design, painting and waterproofing, shop fittings, electrical installations, fencing and gate automation; household, industrial and commercial equipment installations.


Established in the year 2012, Condecon has partnered with key stakeholders in the strategic industries it is represented. Our comprehensive services support ambitious new-build projects, complex conversions, joint-venture developments, and renovations. On the other hand, custom components can be created to your specifications further expanding the possibilities of making Condecon a site-wide warehouse demarcation and factory floor marking solution.

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